About Us

As Zeren Group Holding, we reach the big goals we set one by one by working with determination and devotion. We continue our work with projects from different sectors all over the world, which we laid the foundations of in 1973.

Since the first day, we see all our business partners with whom we have worked together as companions and we always carry their values higher. We never give up on the principle of "Your job, our life" on this road we walk together.

As Zeren Group Holding; we continue to achieve global success with our strong infrastructure in every sector we operate, from financial consultancy to consultancy, from information technologies to automotive, from real estate investment to construction. We carry out works that make a difference in the fields of media and outdoor advertising, energy consultancy, tourism and human resources management.

In our offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Mersin, London, Podgorica, Amsterdam, Mahe and Dubai, we continue to set big goals with our determination to work and our global vision. We develop innovative business models and ensure sustainable growth in every sector we focus on, with the projects and long-term collaborations we have realized with our business partners in various regions of the world.

With years of experience and effort, we represent high reputation, trust and strong financial structure in every field we are in, and we continue our efforts to continue our success and to sign new projects with our business partners.