Performance and Career Management

We implement performance management functions transparently in each of our companies, in order to increase the motivation of our employees and to reward them for their success. While performance evaluation practices may have certain differences depending on our company’s strategies, they consist of the processes of formation and distribution of objectives, semi-annual periodic evaluations, as well as action and feedback processes.

During the performance evaluation process, we make evaluation and feedback interviews with managers and employees. In these interviews, we identify what should be done in order to improve the employee’s performance, and we develop plans for the employee’s development and career. We regard the results of performance evaluations, by which our managers and employees can mutually share their expectations and opinions, as an important criterion in the determination of wage increases and promotions of our employees.

With our career planning system, we provide horizontal and vertical career development opportunities for our employees. While determining priorities for career development and promotion opportunities, we take as a basis employee qualifications, such as entrepreneurship, high work performance and shared values. With a prospective approach, we aim to ensure coordination between our objectives and the individual objectives of our employees, in order to improve the competencies of our employees and qualify them with new competencies that they will need for those positions they might hold.