Message From Our Founder

Honourable Business Partners, Esteemed Friends and Dear Employees of Zeren Group Holding;

Our half-century old "transparent service" and "solution-oriented approach” principles bring us the success of being a role model brand in the sectors we operate in. We feel the right pride of being an appreciated and respected brand in both national and international fields. Without compromising our core values, we will never give up being a trusted and profit-oriented brand in the sectors we

are in, with the idea of "What can I do better in my job today" in our minds.

Our purpose to serve our development focused company has always been our priority. Providing an added value and employment in international levels is our greatest motivation. Zeren Group Holding, with all the companies under its roof, continues its consistent growth despite the fluctuations in international markets. We are going to continue to invest in our country in line with our sustainable growth strategies and also keep encouraging global companies to invest in our country.

There is no work that cannot be done with a hard-working and self-improving human resource. Thanks to innovative approach and dynamism of our colleagues, we will continue to move forward on our way without any sacrifice from our goals. Because the biggest reward for us; is our well-informed, experienced, innovative and hardworking human resource.

Our companies under the roof of Zeren Group Holding, are always going to keep their current dynamic and entrepreneurial spirits and continue their growth in this direction without slowing down.

On behalf of our country; we are going to work hard to meet with our valued business partners and dear colleagues in mutual interests and wisdom. My sincere regards.

Ülkemiz adına; değerli iş ortaklarımız ve sevgili çalışma arkadaşlarımız ile beraber, akıl ve menfaat birliğinde buluşmaya gayret edeceğiz.
Hepinize saygı ve sevgilerimi sunarım.

Rıdvan Zeren

Honorary President