A Message From Our Founder

Honorable Business Partners, Esteemed Friends and Dear Employees of Zeren Group Holding;

Our “transparent service” and “solution-oriented approach” principles that we have adopted for fifty years are the cornerstone of our success in serving as a model brand in every sector we operate in. We are proud to be a highly recognized and esteemed brand in the fields we operate in, both domestically and abroad. Staying on the same path we have followed, we are devoted to preserving our status as a trusted and profit-driven company in the sectors we operate in, with our “What can I improve in my business today?” mentality. Our goal of serving our country, which is the developmental focus of our company, has always remained our first and foremost priority.

We are more motivated each year than the previous one, by the added value we have provided in the international arena and our contribution to increasing the rate of employment. In contrast with the fluctuations in the international markets, the companies under Zeren Holding Group are consistently maintaining their growth. In line with our strategies of continuous growth, we will continue to invest in our country and promote foreign companies’ investments in our country.

There is nothing that cannot be achieved by employees who work hard and improve themselves daily. Thanks to the innovation and dynamism of our colleagues, we will continue to take firm steps forward, without straying from our intended path. Because our greatest asset is our knowledgeable, experienced, innovative and hard-working people.

Our companies under Zeren Group Holding will keep their existing dynamic and entrepreneurial spirits, and, accordingly, continue to rise without slowing down.

On behalf of our country; we are going to work hard to meet with our valued business partners and dear colleagues in mutual interests and wisdom. My sincere regards.

We will strive to create a union of minds and interests, with our valuable business partners and our beloved colleagues, on behalf of our country.

Best regards,

Rıdvan Zeren
Honorary Chairman & Board Member