Business relationship between Zeren Certified Public Accountant Services INC. and Zeren Group Investment Holding INC. cannot be considered within the scope of the “group of companies” within the context of the articles 195-209 of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102. There is no commercial connect between the mentioned companies.

It has been providing consultancy services to many national and international leading companies in their industry since 1973.

While Zeren MM provides its business partners to benefit from the advantages in the law and to protect them from potential risks, it continues its activities by constantly renewing its knowledge to solve the problems.

Zeren MM thereby; continues to offer the quality service and variety of services that its customers are accustomed to, by gaining the trust of national and international clients it has established. Zeren MM provides its customers with all the connections they need, based on unconditional customer satisfaction.

Zeren MM produce solutions for national and international customers in Nigde*, Mersin*, Adana*, Istanbul, Antalya* and Ankara as well as in London, Dubai** and Doha**. It continue services with the partnership system in offices in Dubai and Doha.

* The coordination of Nigde, Adana and Antalya offices is carried out from Mersin office.
** It continues its services with the partnership system in its offices in Dubai and Doha.