Zeren Group Investment Holding Inc., operates in many countries with its 4 different companies and over 200 teammates. We act in line with our
“Your job, our life” motto in every sector and always keep our clients’ values higher than everything else.


Zeren MM Consultancy

It has been providing consultancy services to many national and international leading companies in their industry since 1973.

Zeren MM keeps providing its high-quality service all around the world with being member of global associations.

Today, Zeren MM provides services to its national and international clients in its offices in Istanbul, Mersin Antalya, Nigde besides London, Dubai and Doha.


MYZ Computer Otomotiv Construction Petrol Industry LTD.

MYZCO was founded in 2015 by Mustafa Yiğit Zeren under Zeren Group Holding and operates in out of home advertising, media services, rent a car, IT and software development. Dominating the industry dymamics with its innovative perspective, MYZCO continues its activities by making a difference in every field it operates.

Giving a great importance to the originality and sustainability in each project, MYZCO increases its reputation in the sectors it takes place with the interactive solutions it provides.

Continuing its rapid growth by providing the right connections to its national and international business partners, MYZCO has offices in Istanbul, London and New York.


Zeren Property Investment Inc.

Zeren GYO has taken the mission of investing in real estate projects that has high return potential and making high profits from properties in its portfolio. We continue our activities in accordance with the regulations of the Capital Markets Board.

Zeren GYO, which has been pursuing a healthy growth process since its foundation, reinforces its market reputation, sectoral vision and outstanding projects supported by Zeren Group Holding, with its deep-rooted corporate principles and financial strength.

Pursuing a solid growth process since its foundation, Zeren GYO reinforces its market reputation, vision and innovative projects with corporate principles and huge support of Zeren Group Holding which it is affiliated with.


Oji Construction Undertaking LTD.

Oji leads the industry by designing living spaces such as plazas, luxury residences, hotels, shopping and entertainment centers.

Oji’s quality living spaces have been appreciated by its client portfolio and it has contributed to our national economy and helps to increase of national income thanks to its strong collaborations in the international area.

Oji, which has signed many projects in the country since its establishment, continues to operate in regions such as London, Moscow, Dubai, Iraq and Iran.

Oji has offices in Moscow and Dubai besides Istanbul.



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